LED Categories: High Quality LED Grow Lamps

Marijuana requires the blue spectrum for vegetative growth and the most red, yellows, ambers, far-red spectrum for flowering. So growing marijuana to maturity will use the light wavelengths from approximately 420 through to 730 (nm) and everything in between.

The Diamond Direct Horticulture Series grows light emits targeted portions of the full color spectrum to trigger healthy plant responses. In addition to 450-475nm (blue) and 625-660nm (red) wavelengths, the Diamond Direct Horticulture Series light delivers spectra throughout the photosynthetically active region (PAR), from 400nm to 700nm.

Well-designed lighting systems boost yield and quality. But ordinary lights cost so much to operate that they erode profits. Energy-efficient LumiGrow solutions enable growers to achieve the advantages of supplemental lighting without high operating costs. That’s why Diamond Direct Horticulture Series is the considered choice of expert growers around the globe.

Diamond Direct Led

Diamond Direct Led