Agri Air 1200 PAC



Medical-Grade HEPA Portable Air Cleaner w/ Optional Photo-Catalytic Module
The AgriAir 1200PAC with the photo catalytic oxidation module is an air purifier equipped with a 99.99% HEPA filter, UV-C germicidal lights and dual photo-catalytic generators. The purifier is engineered for use in drying, trimming, processing, lab, and other critical environments. It utilizes Hydro-Peroxides, an eco-friendly oxidizer plasma, made from oxygen and humidity, which proactively destroys VOCs, odor from decaying organic matter, mold spores, bacterial growth and virus, while sanitizing surrounding air and hard surfaces. The AgriAir 1200PAC is capable of variable speed airflows from 300 to 1100 CFM of purified air with additional free oxidizer plasma to maintain a high level of air sanitization in large indoor commercial gardens. The major design elements of this machine include quiet operation, fully variable airflow, adjustable hydro-peroxide output, light weight, and a small footprint. Versatile 1200PAC machines can be used to provide either positive or negative pressure environments, or act as a re-circulation air scrubber device.

With an AgriAir 1200PAC running in your drying, trimming, processing, and other critical areas, many of the major air quality concerns of indoor gardeners can be addressed. Virus, microbes, and bio-contaminants on plants are reduced, up to 99.99%, in a manner that does not require biocides or chemicals that can be highly toxic. The AgriAir 1200PAC is designed for use in highly sensitive environments, or where there is a risk of bio-contamination. The combination of medical grade 99.99% HEPA filtration, UV Germicidal-Irradiation and utilization of eco-friendly oxidizer plasma offers the highest level of protection for both gardening professionals and crops. . Please see the testimonials from our users which include their actual lab results.

Technical Spec

200 – 1100 CFM, variable speed blower
Power Requirements
115 VAC/60 Hz/9 amp

Recessed Controls
Variable speed control
ON light
Hour meter
Timer 0-12 hours
Pressure Gauge 0 – 3”WC
UVGI Light ON/OFF Switch

HEPA Filter 99.99%, 0.3μ
MERV 11 primary/secondary filter
Optional – Odor Guard 600 Activated Carbon filter

Powder coated Aluminum
Rubber grip handles

22”L x 19”W x 42”H
105 lbs.

Operation environment
Non-hazardous environment
104° F temperature max.

Photo-Catalytic Module Spec.

Generator Hour Meter (2)
0-12 hr timer
LOW/MED/HIGH OUTPUT selector switch

Power requirements
115 VAC/60 Hz/3.0 Amps

(2) Photo-Catalytic Generators

1″ Pleated Filter, MERV-11 efficiency
1” Pleated Carbon Impregnated Filter

Powder coated Aluminum

24 lbs.

22”L x 19”W x8”H

Operation environment
Non-hazardous environment
104° F temperature max.

Diamond Direct Led

Diamond Direct Led